IN THE TIME OF CORONA     (24.04.2020)


Well it is coming to the end of Level 4 in New Zealand and the Penguin Studio is changing focus a little with more emphasis on ceramic production and studio layout so that there is stock available to visitors and the studio area (inside and out) is easily navigable ,accessible and attractive enough to entice people to travel to Whakatiwai once they are allowed to.

The top photo shows the South Wall just about ready for cataloging and the bottom photo features a relatively new painting MORPHIC that is under way. On the table are completed circular tiles for the TOREA MANGU sculpture, a couple of Penguins and some ceramic stuff.

I will be making a regular weekly update of the site and I have promised a few patrons that I will be getting some autobiographical stuff done and that I will give the catalogue section some urgent attention both of which should happen in the very near future.

Hope everybody is well and not too stressed.

Cheers Tony