The pictures have been regrouped and are in an approximately display layout and are approaching completion. The six Whakatiwai Last Year works are shown grouped with 2 eURUPAs and the Sand Castle tryptich is displayed with 2 more eURUPAs and 2 larger views of the Firth and Coromandel ranges, one a little more spiritual than the other

The work table has now been relocated away from the wall to give me access to the old couch as I have discovered when firing the kiln (which is at least an eight hour process that must be supervised) my aging body needs to be able to rest occasionally.
This has made the South Wall much more of a display area and some of the paintings moving to more of a finished state.

More ceramic production is going on with two carved and stoppered Bird leg bottles and the first 

Count Your Blessings bowl now drying with the slabware from the 30 August update

On the work table is an old Vulcan series (painted on canvas backed lithograph flexible plate) which has been reworked over the years getting it’s hopefully final treatment ready for display on the Western Wall.

You will also see three new works on the wall also getting their final treatment. Also, the six It Might Not Be paintings have had further work and been rearranged as a group  (See new section of website under construction CURRENT PAINTINGS)

                                                  AUGUST 30

Things have changed on the work table with ceramic production under way. Old bird leg tiles are being reviewed and if you look closely you will see a pile of new model leg tiles sitting on an electric stove hob at the left of the work table. More obvious are the proto models of a range of slabware in totally dry state getting their final workout before going to the kiln for their first firing. Those interested could play spot the difference with the majority of paintings if they were to be compared with the photo below for the week ending August 23

This wall shows work that is under way currently. 
Those familiar with my work will know that nothing is really finished and will see work that has been exhibited before, been through various phases and incarnations and are now getting ready for another outing. One of the paintings on this wall was first exhibited in 1997. 
The work table is getting ready for ceramic work, both individual pieces and Bird Sculpture Leg Tiles.