Photographing Rua Murals (May 2021)

Photograph taken at the old Manukau City Council
Buildings where the murals have been in storage
since the amalgamation with Auckland City
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It has been a long time since I have done anything to the site,

(29.09.2020) to be exact.

I hope to be updating a few areas shortly starting with the Penguin Sculpture section, Clay work section and then the Kaiaua Bird Sculpture Section where changes are happening.

Painting is ongoing but will I leave that section alone for the meantime.

Looking at my last update I see that I promise to update something on the site by the next weekend. 

In light of that I won’t make any promises just now, but will try to get some stuff up to reflect the current situation regarding philosophy, attitude and work at the studio.

Hope to keep sortov more up to date on this site from now on.



CORONA ROUND TWO (29.09.2020)

Just a few days late this time.

(South Wall photographs taken using Flash)

Some new developments have been made to all the paintings on the wall except for the eURUPAs. Some brand new horticultural developments are shown amongst the old ceramic works that are getting ready for their final firing, well most of them anyway.

No updating to the web site yet. I don’t think I can procrastinate any longer so will hereby promise to update something on the web by next weekend and to have most of the work that has been showing on the South Wall sortov finished and a start made on a Catalogue of those works.



Only one week late this time.

As mentioned last week I am putting up two more

photographs of the South Wall to show development of

the paintings. All paintings have had something done to

them, some more than others. They at least have 2020

on them somewhere. If you would like to play spot the

difference check out WEEKLY UPDATES Page.

Next weekend should show more developments on this

wall as well as some updating of things in the general

section of the website.

Until then,

Cheers Tony.

CORONA ROUND TWO (5.09.2020)

It’s a few more days than tomorrow and nobody to blame but myself.

Above the text you will see two shots of the south wall.

The photo on the left shows the current eURUPAs and the WHAKATIWAI LAST YEARs as well as some ceramics on a shelf above some older works waiting for attention.

The photo on the right shows the couch, necessary for a gentleman of my years, and some works that have been washed with blue paint and are now having more little areas sanded.

Hope to show you the same wall with the same works next weekend and those that are interested might like to play spot the difference.

Until then,Cheers Tony.



Well doesn’t time fly!

Tt’s nearly 3 months since I last updated this site.

There is a variety of reasons, the two major

ones being the constant changing of my mind

about most things I am endeavoring to do,

and the health of my good friend and web

master Roger Simpson

Any way starting to get some more up to date

info on the site with this front page text update.

More tomorrow.

Cheers Tony

IN THE TIME OF CORONA (20.05 2020)

 Well Level 2 has started and Monday has come and gone and here is the promised update a little late as usual. 

In the wider view photograph you will see that the South Wall has been rearranged again, what may not be so obvious is the large worktable has been angled to allow more space between the various work stations and to give better access to the whole studio space. 

In the close-up photograph you can see 4 Birdleg Bottles sitting on the worktable. Those attentive viewers may notice that these are mostly the same bottles featured last week but have been glaze fired since then and are now awaiting yet another firing which should take place before my next update hopefully next Monday. 

Cheers Tony

IN THE TIME OF CORONA (11.05.2020)

Level 2 coming up

Here are two photographs of the South Wall. Paintings are being regrouped and furniture moved around.

The photograph on the left shows a wider view of the relocated furniture and paintings being readied for what should be their final position for a while.

The photograph on the right shows a range of new pottery, three Birdleg bottles and a bowl with their first coat of glaze waiting for their next coat and three Birdy Wall hangings needing some more glaze as well. I should be able to show these items after their next glaze fire before the end of the week.

I hope to give you another update when Level 2 starts or by next Monday whichever comes first.

Hope every body is hale and hearty!

Cheers Tony

IN THE TIME OF CORONA   (02.05.2020) 

Level 3 now.

First kiln firing ready to go with a raku component as the Penguin studio gears up for Level 3 when small groups of invited visitors will be able to make and take home a unique ceramic piece as well as create their named tile ring to go on The Kaiaua Bird Sculpture.

The photograph on the left shows an exterior view of the kiln and the photograph on the right shows the interior, with the 2019 Count your Blessings platter on top holding some ceramic spikes to be used in picture framing. At top there are 2 Birdleg bottles getting bisqued, one has a visitor made bowl getting glazed sitting on its stopper. In the foreground on the lower shelf can be seen more visitor bowls and a Birdy wall hanging being glazed. The preliminary wick flame is going, ready to light the pilot LPG and eventually the forced air oil fuel feed.

IN THE TIME OF CORONA     (24.04.2020)

Well it is coming to the end of Level 4 in New Zealand and the Penguin Studio is changing focus a little with more emphasis on ceramic production and studio layout so that there is stock available to visitors and the studio area (inside and out) is easily navigable ,accessible and attractive enough to entice people to travel to Whakatiwai once they are allowed to.

The top photo shows the South Wall just about ready for cataloging and the bottom photo features a relatively new painting MORPHIC that is under way. On the table are completed circular tiles for the TOREA MANGU sculpture, a couple of Penguins and some ceramic stuff.

I will be making a regular weekly update of the site and I have promised a few patrons that I will be getting some autobiographical stuff done and that I will give the catalogue section some urgent attention both of which should happen in the very near future.

Hope everybody is well and not too stressed.

Cheers Tony